Moraira is a population center of the municipality of Teulada, located 6 km. of this one on the Mediterranean coast.

Important international tourist center. Its parish, dedicated to the Virgen de los Desamparados, was created in 1974, being erected in the same building that at the end of the 19th century was the hermitage with this Marian invocation. It was built with material from the Moraira castle, located a few hundred meters from the town center.

It has a Fishermen's Guild, a Public Center for Early Childhood and Primary Education, the Moraira Nautical Club, and a modern building with various public services (Espai La Senieta) for a public library, exhibition hall, assembly hall, teaching classrooms and leisure, etc.

In 1969 the American writer Chester Himes settled near Moraira, in the same municipality of Teulada, where he lived until his death in 1984.

The visitor who arrives here can enjoy a variety of gastronomic proposals. Fish with the quality brand Bahía de Moraira, caught using traditional fishing gear. The fish offers different and tasty teuladin combinations such as "putxero de polp", "soup de peix" or different salted tuna, "bull" or "anxova".

Rice is the star of Teuladina cuisine, with exquisite dishes such as "arròs a banda", "arròs with fessols and naps", "paella with sardines and spinacs" or "arròs negre". A creamy octopus rice, an "arròs de senyoret" or a baked rice casserole certainly have something that tastes of tradition.

Good food must be accompanied by the best local wines.

The whites: Viña Teulada, dry with a scent of Mediterranean flowers, Bahía de Moraira, semi-dry and La Marina, light and with a point of needle.

The reds: the young Viña Teulada and the Lluna Plena crianza.

The Bahía de Moraira rosé and the Vermouth, red and muscat.

Very original are the Pythagora, sparkling with fine bubbles, and the Tegulata, the only and first cava made with the Roman Muscat variety.

As for the Mistelas, the traditional Moscatel "Mistela Selecta de Teulada" and the "Moscatel Reserva", made from semi-passified grapes, stand out.



Teulada - Moraira tourism website www.teulada-moraira.es

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